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Result oriented Construction and Development professionals with years of expertise in all facets of Construction Industry. Verifiable track record in successful completion of mega projects. Positive working relationship with coordinating trades partners, such as architects, engineers, local authorities, vendors and clients. Our skills, in project estimation, contract negotiations, material purchasing and knowledge in regulations, insure that all projects are conducted and completed professionally while maintaining estimated cost. 


Concrete Work

Side Walks, Concrete Floors. Vault Floors, Retaing Walls and Foundations. All types of Paving stones & Tiles. Brick fences & Porches. California stucco, Steam cleaning & Paint stripping. Brick & Block work. 

Roofing & Waterproofing


Roof Repairs, Water Proofing Coating, Buildup Roofing System, Hot And Cold Roofing System, Skylight Installations, Roof Hatches Installations And Green Roofing. Roof Gutters & Leaders, Roof Cleaning & Shingle roofs Installation. 


Exterior Restoration

Brick Pointing. Water Proofing, Replacement of lintels, Window Sills, Coping Stone. Rebuilding And Repairing Parapet Wails. Steps building & repairs, Exterior painting & caulking, Silicone coating, Thoroseal & cement Coating. 

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Residential Construction

Home construction is the process of constructing a house, generally referred to as a 'home' when giving consideration to the people who might now or someday reside there. 


Commercial Construction

Commercial construction refers to the construction of a business or venture that is done with the sole motive of gaining profit. Commercial buildings can include places like restaurants, retail centers.


Industrial Construction

Those in the industrial construction business design, install and maintain titanic structures including power plants, skyscrapers, warehouses, factories and other larger-than-life projects [source: IDS]. The work can be as varied as working.

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